Converting negative self-talk into positive self-talk

Converting negative self-talk into positive self-talk


In today's time, with the constant scrutiny of oneself on various social media platforms as well as the competitive real world, one may find more often than not, in a puddle of self-doubt and negativity.

The downside of the human mind is that it has No filters whatsoever, to block negative and irrational thoughts and self-doubt.

In this fast-paced life, one forgets to clear those thoughts consciously which eventually becomes a Habit harmful enough to disbalance the sanctity of the Mind and Spirit.

Therefore, to put those Habits away, the first thing required to do is to acknowledge that they exist and accept it, only then the mind can focus on making efforts to change it.

Self-doubt can be then be converted into Self-reliance and Self-acceptance after making some definitive changes in the thought process, which gradually will lead to better physical efficiency and enhanced self-esteem.

Some initial steps that can help convert the negative Self-talk into positive ones are: -

1.Preparing Daily Time-Table

Following a routine or time-table has been taught to everyone in the earliest stages of childhood, in school. The reason for that was to build good habits as well as to learn the importance of time management. But as we grow up, we tend to forget those basic disciplines of life. Preparing a daily schedule of one's activity can help to improve productivity and boost your confidence. Ticking off tasks on the list can give a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction, and some positivity. As habits don't form as well as change overnight, start by making a list and ticking off one or two tasks in a day, eventually increasing your efficiency into finishing more tasks daily. The more you accomplish the more elated and motivated you feel. This is an activity which won't develop overnight. It is a continuous process needing conscious efforts.

You could start on the first day with some difficulty, then on Day 2 you feel demotivated and frustrated, again on Day 3 or 4 you might feel like pushing a little harder to make it happen and eventually you get in the flow and become comfortable with it.

You can also take the help of some friend or relative to remind you to follow the time-table or ask you about your Progress.

 You can also talk to someone, who can motivate you and help you in being positive, rather than indulging in negativity and gossip.

More active efforts will result in increased self-esteem and help you feel motivated enough to prevent negative Self-talk.

When the Mind is rewarded, it always leads to generate positive and encouraging thoughts and thus helps to filter all the negativity.

  1. Doing a reality Check – The Always and Never thinker is able to only express his thoughts and feelings in terms of always, never, each time, everyone, no one so on and so forth. This type of thinking is only detrimental for our us and our choice of happiness hence one needs to step back and do a reality check since this is a situation which is in our mind and we have created it. If that is so then we are the only ones who can actually change it as well.
  2. Spotlight on all of your negative thoughts makes your vision and ability to think to become like you are in the narrowest tunnel in your mind and then is no stepping back or sideways and all you can do is aggravate the negative thinking by moving ahead. With this you are actually missing out on two things – one is living in the moment and second is no consideration for any other options and opportunities. So if have the power to lead your thinking then why not try and exercise choices instead of making life miserable with negative thinking.
  3. Predictions of the worst outcomes – Without giving any due consideration to facts you actually imagine and believe that always only the worst can happen to you. You are so much into that space that only the worst case scenarios are dominating your thoughts. In actual every moment of our life we are not even sure of what is the next event and hence self-hypothesis and predictions are only in your arena and not in the real world.
  4. Assumptions and ability to be in the others mind – Somehow you have convinced yourself that you always know what the other person is thinking and that too it’s never a positive thing but a negative comment and impressions. This pulls so far in your head that the self-talk within is almost arguing and fighting with this imaginary person in your head only with each of such conversations leaving you frustrated, angry , feeling shame and hurt. In reality one really never has a clue of what is really going on in the mind of the other person since we are not psychics. Hence its only to our advantage that we can and should have a honest and open conversation with the person to really understand them and that ways have more meaningful relationships.
  5. Carrying Guilt and Shame – In many scenarios even without understanding we tend to pull the blame on ourselves since we consider ourself small and incorrect mostly and hence create the perception that this is true. But in reality every person is responsible for their actions and reactions. Hence calling yourself a loser and a horrible person is not solving anything. At the end of the day we are all fallible human beings and done things that we regret later, so stop beating yourself over it.

If you have to create unlimited success and happiness for yourself remember the magical possibilities to change and recreate lie within you. Only you can stop this negative self-talk and self-doubt and make yourself a more confident and self-dependent individual.




Author: Sonali Sikdar

Post date: 30th Nov, 2020


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