How to save yourself from emotional vampires and dragons?

How to save yourself from emotional vampires and dragons?

Often, we have watched movies of Dracula, where in a scene of hot steaming passion suddenly on screen there is a face that shows up with long teeth, red eyes, and a vicious smile.  Just when you think that victim should open their eyes, escape, or just run the vampire digs into the throat to suck away the blood and there is a loud human scream as the camera rolls towards the full moon with the wolves howling looking towards the sky or in the background somewhere in the darkness of the night. Well, this is dramatic! But if I were to relate this to some people like these vampires who prey on our empathetic heart and suck away all our energies just when we are walking the tight rope of positivity.


Especially in times such as today where we have all faced uncertainty, and we are now slowly beginning to wrap our minds around how to deal with all this we still do have among us some emotionally unstable beings. The fact is that being unstable is not something they wanted but somehow their existence and and psyche was shaped to remain vulnerable and hence they choose the path of negative thoughts and pessimistic outcomes.


So here we are caught in such bonds that we can’t break away and nor can we stay with them. So what is it that we can do?


Firstly, we need to safeguard ourselves to retain and continuously restore our positivity and optimistic mind set so that we are in a position to continue to uplift and support their emotional ups and downs. And secondly the idea is to not get caught in the drama of assumptions, expectations, desires fulfilment, judgements, and opinions, but steer clear so that we are able to think from a space of resolve and resilience.


So how to save yourself from Emotional Dragons and Vampires?


  1. Set your own limits of dos and don’ts.
  2. Try to ensure that you can stay calm by grounding techniques.
  3. Devise your individual plan to protect yourself.
  4. Stay away from screen time and violent depiction, reading and conversations late into the night.
  5. Find out and do activities that help to uplift your mood and senses.
  6. Surround yourself with loving and gentle people- Family and friends.
  7. Take some short relaxing Me time.
  8. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by people and situations.
  9. When pulled into conversations be clear to not get caught in the drama and words else that will create transference.
  10. Remember no one can break you since you have choice in your control always.


Save and not Slay the dragons and vampires by your empathy and compassion thereby safeguarding your and their emotional wellbeing.

Author: Sonali Sikdar

Post date: 9th Feb, 2022


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