Incorporating simple ways to meditate in your daily routine


Incorporating simple ways to meditate in your daily routine

Meditation is a wide concept and over generations, this term has been given different meanings.

There are also numerous techniques developed in different cultures and each has its own set of principles to follow.

Meditation first came up in the Hindu literature, performed by Rishis and Yogis.

And Since then the term Meditation has many convoluted concepts and meanings.



As simple as it can be, Meditation is nothing but observing one’s self. Concentrating inwards!

It is a technique of focusing on one’s own mind and being aware of your actions.

Meditation does not require for you to Sit straight in Padmasana, but it is simply an act to process your awareness in everything you do.

Many people affix the idea of meditation, with a Buddha sitting under a Bodhi tree for hours and days.

That is a wrong notion!

You can Meditate in the simplest ways and here’s how you can do that!

Most of the time when asked to meditate, people get driven away by ideas, as to how will they sit still without any thoughts and, just sitting idly is something they could ever do.

Meditation doesn’t have to be that complicated.

The simplest way you can Meditate is to be aware of your actions.

Like, a simple Practice of a gratitude prayer when you wake up in the morning can be a form of Meditation. Showing gratitude to the Universe, to your own life and family, to nature.

This is one type of Meditation that brings in positivity and calmness in the Mind, Heart, and Spirit.

Meditation is also about bringing awareness into the activities that you perform daily, for example, eating your food or being in company with your friends.

Being in full awareness of yourself-which can also be called “MINDFULNESS

Being Mindful of all your actions is also one sort of Meditation.

So, absolutely anything can be a Meditation for you if that brings you a sense of peace, calm, and fruitfulness.

One can only look out for their own selves and hence, blindly following what others dictate you or force you to perform which ultimately is doing you No good, can never be a form of Meditation.

Devise your own plan to Meditate, anything that suits your Mind and Body, and incorporate it in your Daily Routine.

This will help your conscience to be aware of your actions. And the more aware you are of yourself, the better choices and decisions you are willing to make.


With the constant hustle-bustle of the external world, we often forget to Mind ourselves and look-after our inner selves. We put on a mask to show off to the external world and forget often what’s behind that mask.

These simple techniques of meditation can connect us to our inner selves and so making them a daily habit can be extremely beneficial as well.

TRY OUT ways in which you can effortlessly Meditate and make it your Daily Habit.

Author: Sonali Sikdar

Post date: 6th Dec, 2020


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