International Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coach

The purpose of the ESAP (Emotional Skills Assessment Process) Profile Report © is to help you understand and apply your ESAP © assessment to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills for higher professional achievement and positive personal well-being. The thirteen EI Skills identified by the ESAP© are essential to your career and personal success. As will be demonstrated through your report, your results identify your current ESAP© skill strengths, as you can see them and points out skills to learn, develop and strengthen.

Based on your responses to the ESAP Assessment items, the report is accurate and valuable to the extent that you were thoughtful and honest in your responses. The interpretation of your results is a reflection of how you currently see yourself thinking, feeling and behaving.

The ESAP Tools helps us to identify on areas of opportunity and strength. The work done by Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems - USA is shaped with forty years of philosophy that respects individual differences and healthy ways of being in the world. The emphasis is on individual potential for intelligent self-direction, behaviours that lead to positive personal and organisational development.

International Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coach

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