Sonali Sikdar ma'am is a very nice and wonderful person. She is a great listener and wonderful at helping me with my problems. I cannot say enough good things. She explained everything clearly making me feel comfortable...always been there for me in my problems...her suggestions and solutions always seem to be wise and well-intentioned. I can't say enough good things about her!! she is very very understanding and down to earth I still have to overcome many things but the major contribution is in her name thank you Sonali ma'am you helped me a lot I will be obliged to u rest of my life.

Riya Agarwal

Loved talking to you Sonali. Renuka aunty speaks so high of you. I could observe the reason after talking to you.

It was wonderful to gather vital information for our body and mind. Thank you so much for your time.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Anubha G

I came to Ma'am with a fearful mind, broken heart, and messed up soul. I approached her and told her what I everything if my life..all means all. I was fearful about my death, I was fearful about much unconventional and fearful life dogma that was inhaled in my mind by a few people. I was so much fearful that I didn't have any reason to find a ray of hope. I was unable to love myself, accept myself and I was unable to accept the rejection of people in my life. I felt so powerless and aimless although I knew what I want to do in my future but the darkness had covered me in her arms so tightly that I couldn't able to see the purpose of my life.

Then I took three to four call sittings with Sonali ma'am and she was so patient with me as well as so loving and caring. She handled me with so much patience that sometimes I thought of how a man can bear my negativity and confused and aimless mind. But she did not give up on me. She believed in me.
She brought the death out of me and helped me to become a lively person.
She made me believe in myself again and gave me many tasks to do so that I can able to know who I am. She helped me to make me understand how creative and talented I am, which my family members were always used to tell me for so many years but I never used those talents to enrich my life.

Results -
1. I am still struggling to have a good routine but I have made my timetable to complete my task on daily basis.
2. Now I don't say that I am the worst thing that happened to me in my life, but I started saying that "I am the best thing that happened to myself and my family and I will cherish myself and will live my life to the fullest".
3. I have started Kathak again as well as started writing poems in Hindi and English.
4. I have started my studies with full flow.
5. I enriched my talents by doing charcoal art and some doodling.
6. I have started reading 1 book a week.
7. I have started taking decisions intellectually.
8. I have started giving gratitude for my life as well as get a new reason to live every moment.
9. I accomplish my weekly goals.
10. I just accept myself as I am and I love myself.

All these changes are gradual and not of sudden. And I am very grateful to Sonali ma'am that she didn't give up on me and stood by my side when I needed someone to let me know where I am heading.

Thank you so much Sonali Ma'am,

Kirtna Soni

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